Tips for Traveling to Sweden

Here are some tips that you may find helpful if traveling to Sweden. These will make your trip more convenient and fun.

Alcoholic Drinks

Restaurants and bars serve alcohols in Sweden. However, if you want to buy in the store to bring in your hotel or elsewhere, you can only do this at a Systembolaget. This is a chain of liquor store that is owned by the government in Sweden. It’s the only store allowed to sell liquors. You must also be at least 20-years old to buy alcoholic drinks.

Island Hopping

Sweden is made up of several islands and each of them has their own attractions to offer. Don’t miss out on all these by including island hopping on your trip.

Try the Floating Saunas

If you love to take a dip in the waters of Sweden, but also want to experience its steaming saunas, you can have both at the same time by visiting one of its many floating saunas.

Swedes are Environment-Conscious

You too can take part of their effort to protect the environment by bringing your own bag when doing your grocery shopping or going to the market. Tap water is also carefully filtered so you can be sure that it’s safe for drinking. You don’t have to buy bottled water as tap water will do.

Try their Popular Foods

The experience wouldn’t be complete if you don’t eat what the locals eat. If you love seafoods, you’re in for a great treat as Sweden is a heaven for seafood lovers. It’s surrounded by waters so there’s fresh seafoods everywhere. Other locals’ favorites include pickled herring and surströmming.

Wait for Your Number

Whether you need to purchase a snack, ticket, or anything, get a number, stand in line, and wait for your turn. Do not try to go in front of the line as this is rude.