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Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden

Stay at the famous Ice Hotel for three days. This comes with ice fishing, snow mobile tour, and Northern Lights sightseeing.

Scandinavian Capitals

Get a feel of the most popular cities in the country in this one to two week tour. We can customize the tour package to include the ones that you like most.

Viking Capitals

Take a trip not just around Sweden, but Norway and Denmark too with this travel package.

Baltic Essence

This is another package that includes other countries on the trip. Aside from Sweden, you’ll get the chance to experience what Estonia and Finland have to offer.

Lakes & the Charming Swedish Countrysite

Go back to the medieval age with the historical structures that stand the age of time. Enjoy the rustic charm and peaceful ambiance of the countryside of Sweden.

Waterways & the Swedish Folklore District

Explore the northern part of the country and be amazed with the medieval arts and manor houses that you can find in the cities of Gimo, Tallberg, Virsbo, and Eskilstuna.

Fabulous Fjords + Stockholm

Experience the majestic beauty of the country from Bergen to Stockholm.

Pearls of the Baltic

Enjoy the breathtaking view as you cruise on the Baltic Sea.

Colors of the Baltic

Experience the four-country travel from Stockholm to Tallinn, Helsinki, and St. Petersburg.

Four Capitals

Explore the four Scandinavian capitals in this tour package.