About Us

'Wunder In Sweden' Travel Agency has been around since October 2011 founded by the husband and wife team, Jim and Anna. The two had always loved traveling and they have traveled all over the world, but they realized that nothing beats the beauty of their beloved country, Sweden.

The couple has traveled all cities around Sweden and personally experienced the activities, tried their foods, and saw their local products and attractions. As travelers and proud Swedes, they wanted to share their knowledge and experience about traveling in Sweden that’s why decided to open this travel agency that specializes in Sweden travel.

They continue to provide great travel deals and packages to their clients. The couple still personally travels around the country to satisfy their zest for traveling, as well as to find new attractions to share with everyone.

Customer Reviews:

“Everything was smooth doing business with this travel agency. We paid what was quoted and we got the deal promised to us. Our travel experience was amazing and we are going back again!”

“My wife and I enjoyed celebrating our wedding anniversary in Sweden. Everything was convenient with the help of Explore Sweden Travel Agency. We’re definitely going to them again when we visit Sweden next year.”

“It was great dealing with Explore Sweden Travel Agency. It was easy to talk to them and their travel packages are amazing. We got their 10-day travel package and our trip was memorable. It was worth the money that we spent.”